1. @noelpatrol hands on 3d printing

  2. I have been using ziplock bags to clean @formlabs prints. Here is the bag after one batch of black prints. I shake and soak. Then dispose. Keeping the alcohol as clean as possible.

  3. Side by side comparison in black and clear acrylic @formlabs Both looking pretty sharp. @littlebits connectors ready for an alcohol soaking.

  4. It’s SXSW voting season! Check out @shapeways blog for panels where we wanna talk the 3dp & ip & etc.

  5. Ahhh crap. First attempt in @formlabs black resin is a #printfail Not going to enjoy cleaning that tank.

  6. Ramen noodles and 3d prints.

  7. Bucket boom box and @korgofficial synths with @likesyrup @azelinskie and @neuralfirings

  8. It’s a @littlebits kinda party.

  9. Why do the final layers feel like they take the longest?

  10. Excited to test out the black resin in @formlabs #3dprinter #industrialdesign #black #design #shapewayslab

  11. #nope #printfail #3dprinter